About LBD Ventures



What is LBD Ventures all about…

Think of the LBD Ventures program as your me time, to focus on work.

Start holding yourself accountable and set milestones which are achievable and realistic. We’ll be there to help you along the way. Our members are business leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who are committed to building success for their own and each others businesses through sharing connections, knowledge, learnings and insight.

Exactly Who


We’re often asked who qualifies for the LBD Venture Program? The answer is simple. Female founders who are willing to dedicate 8 hours a week to work on their business. 

Does this sound like you….

  • I have a startup idea and I’m serious about exploring my business idea…

  • I have solid thinking about my idea but I need help taking the next step…

  • I’m earning some revenue but I need help understand how to scale and go to market…

Whatever stage you’re at on your start-up journey, one thing always rings true, our participants enjoy working together, sharing ideas and learning from women who’ve been there too.



  • You will access a brain trust for new perspectives and advice.

  • Practical and actionable tools and resources to challenge your thinking.

  • Learn new skills from women who have walked-the-walk and been exactly where you are now.

  • 4 x 4 hour monthly sprints to help you dream big and execute with precision.

  • Tap into a pool of resources and connections within the wider LBD Group to spread the word on your business and champion your brand.